OEM & Tier 1-2-3 Supplier Automotive Customer Satisfaction Program

According to automotive supply chain experts, the number one key performance indicator (KPI) for successful Tier 1-2-3 automotive suppliers is customer satisfaction.

Additionally, a recent industry-wide survey suggests that the majority of senior level Tier 1-2-3 supplier executives claim to have a clear grasp on their current customer satisfaction levels. Many of these same executives are often surprised when their OEM and Tier 1 customers source major global and regional platform-based systems and parts contracts to their major competitors. The lesson learned here is that you can only truly know you customer’s opinions, perceptions and strategic sourcing strategies by putting an unbiased annual customer satisfaction monitoring program into place and implementing Best-in-Class customer service procedures to maximize customer satisfaction, increase customer retention and solidify customer loyalty.

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Total Reliance on Internal Employee for Customer Satisfaction Feedback = Catastrophic Results

While internal sales & marketing employees are an excellent source for market intelligence and account-specific information about a customer, their objectivity and perception of their own company’s performance is often skewed by concerns over self-preservation, underestimation of the technological innovations of competitors and a wide array of other critical commercial success factors.

Several highly successful Tier 1-2-3 automotive suppliers are using Valient Automotive Market Research’s annual OEM & Tier 1-2-3 Supplier Automotive Customer Satisfaction Program to gain insights into their company’s corporate reputation with regard to these critical measures:

  • Product Quality
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Innovation
  • Engineering & Technical Expertise
  • Warranty Performance
  • On-Time or Just-in-Time Delivery Performance
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Level of Collaboration
  • Meeting Customer Needs
  • New Program Launch Management
  • Sales & Account Representative Performance
  • Willingness to Recommend 

This annual monitoring program clearly shows the overall health of the OEM-Tier Supplier relationship, uncovers competitive threats to existing global and regional platform parts supply contracts from domestic and overseas competitors and can also measure decision maker technical trade show attendance and automotive industry media consumption.

Cost Effective Solution for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

As you might already know, implementation of a customer satisfaction program is mandated by several global ISO certification programs. Internal implementation of a customer satisfaction program often leads to skewed results, selectively chosen survey respondents and other manipulations of survey results that hinder continuous improvement.

By having an independent third-party market research firm administer this important process, data accuracy is maximized and skewing of the results is eliminated. Valient Automotive Market Research’s experienced consulting team will interpret your company’s survey results, provide you an aggregate benchmark of your company’s performance compared to other Tier 1-2-3 suppliers and present solid strategic recommendations on improving your company’s customer satisfaction levels.

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