Innovative Market Research & Strategic Advisement Experts

One of the industry’s most innovative and fastest growing firms, Valient Market Research is a leading provider of consumer and business-to-business (B2B) market research, public opinion polling , business decision maker opinion polling and strategic advisement services. Founded by industry veteran Scott Upham, Valient Market Research offers a wide range of custom ad-hoc research services, syndicated multi-client reports and confidential management consulting and strategic advisory services to its valued clients in over 100 countries.

Differentiated Thinking

Valient Market Research’s extensive research acumen and multi-industry marketing expertise leverages differentiated thinking to set it apart from the competition. Each day, Valient Market Research delivers actionable market intelligence and insighful data-driven recommendations that have proven to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, validate market demand for new products and services and optimize current offerings to meet current and future market demand. Valient Market Research’s highly-skilled researchers and experienced consultants craft innovative methodological-based approaches to its client’s most challenging business issues.  These in-demand strategic advisement services have resulted in award winning client marketingand advertising campaigns, groundbreaking product introductions and identified barriers to success and profitable growth.

Valient Market Research :: Your Trusted Partner & Advisor

As a key strategic partner to our global clients, Valient Market Research understands that emotional and rational connectivity to your organization’s brands, products and services is essential. Valient Market Research’s proprietary suite of advanced research methodologies provide deep insight into its client’s markets, products, brands and competitive landscape through research-driven market intelligence and advanced analytics powered strategic recommendations.

Quality Enriched Market Research

Enabled by ISO 20252 compliant global data collection capabilities, Valient Market Research’s commitment to quality is paramount.  Leveraging its suite of proprietary data collection quality monitoring platforms, Valient Market Research delivers accurate, high quality results that are among the best in the industry.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Often cited as one of the industry’s highest customer satisfaction firms, Valient Market Research has developed a comprehensive hyper-connected client-partner approach that provides extensive access to its research & consulting teams, quick response times and in-depth vertical & domain expertise.